As we all know, on January 15 the Murcia International Airport came into operation. Now the airport connects with more than 20 destinations to several countries of the European Union, of which eleven are from the United Kingdom, two from Belgium, one from Ireland, three from Norway, and others. The complete map of all the destinations you can see here:


Factors to choose the house

Which characteristics are the most important when choosing a home? 

What are the buyers willing to give up? What do they consider essential? The data of the report 'Experience in buying and selling 2017-2018' prepared by Fotocasa Research point to a certain change in recent months, derived from the generalized increase in prices: "there is a certain reduction in expectations and aspirations regarding the location and  "extra" characteristics of housing in favor of more essential elements ",  "according to Beatriz Toribio, Director of Studies and Public Affairs of...

11 Apr 2019

The price of second-hand housing increases by 0.6% in the month of February


The average price of second-hand housing in Spain stood at € 1,887 / m2 in February and increased by 0.6% compared to January, according to data from the real estate portal Fotocasa. This slight monthly increase continues in the bullish tone of all last year, although they are slight monthly increases. Thus, during the past 2018 the monthly increases have been moving between 0.3% and 0.9%. The sharpest increase occurred from April to May when the price rose 1.3%.

With respect to the interannual variation, in February 2019 the price of second-hand housing rose...

7 Mar 2019

Spanish housing market continues to grow stronger

Spanish house prices rose by 6.49% in 2018 from a year earlier (5.25% inflation-adjusted) to €1,493 per square metre (sq. m) – the biggest annual rise since 2006, according to TINSA. Quarter-on-quarter, nationwide house prices increased 1.7% during the latest quarter (1.34% inflation-adjusted) After eight long years of house price declines, Spain's housing market finally returned to growth in Q1 2016. Spanish house prices had fallen by a total of 41.9% (46.8% inflation-adjusted) from Q4 2007 to Q3 2015, based on figures from...

21 Feb 2019

RETIRING ABROAD: Five reasons why Spain is an attractive destination

By Tom Thirkell

WITH a warm climate, beautiful beaches and diverse landscapes from majestic mountain ranges to quaint coastal havens, it’s no wonder why Spain is such an attractive destination for those looking to experience their own share of “la buena vida”. The country even ranks second out of 46 countries for experience – based on categories such as lifestyle, people and setting up home – in 

11 Dec 2018