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CEO´s message

 In 2018,  Noah & Partners are recognized as a company whose staff have a wealth of experience as to what is required about living in Spain, that is because all the staff have made the Costa Blanca their home, have personally put roots down in its soil, much like the tree which is the logo of Noah & Partners. The tree represents many human virtues – strength, sturdiness, endurance, harmony within nature; like other trees it is a haven for other creatures and life. I´m Cristina Nortes Ruiz and my parents created their first developer company in the 1986. And I am going to tell the story of Noah first hand, because it is the only way to make known, really what the reasons were for its creation and the reasons we are still successfully working here today.

My father, Francisco Nortes, electrician being his trade, always had the desire of creating a developing company, to be able to put into practise his ideas and demonstrate his potential when he was a young man. So in 1986 he decided to embark on his project being NOAH. 

It is necessary to highlight some of his qualities to understand his work. My father is an intelligent person, loyal, a perfectionist and knows the craft of building in all areas and aspects. He has a great overview of the industry, which was crucial for us to remain alive during the past crisis and to motivate me so as to continue his journey. May I add he is still working with us today…

I remember the first years at NOAH with great affection: my father was heavily involved in the building works hands on, constructing, directing, even drawing sketches and details for its further implementation. Doing this while my mother took care of the home, (I was then 12 years and my brother only 6). The most endearing thing was  that of the customer relationships which was warm. This was important to my father. Such was the confidence that emerged from my parents with the way they worked and their kindness, the customers were and are our friends and neighbours today also.

As a child I remember we played with a bunch of kids from the first 3 NOAH buildings my father constructed, in the summer holidays all our parents came together to play cards with other parents, go dancing, go to the beach to BBQ sardines while we all played close by in the sand. Today, those friends we made are still here. I'd love to name them all but it would be a very long list and would be made up of many nationalities. This maybe the reason I now speak English, German and a bit of Russian.

Since then, the picture has not changed much, except that now there are many more families who enjoy our homes. I became a part of the company in early 2000 after my studies, and I expect to leave the bar as  high as my parents did back in their day. Continuing with the same affection for our customers, suppliers and partners as he did back then.  We do believe that the future does look bright for 2018 and the coming years.

Noah & Partners offers clients seeking a quality Spanish property guarantees of legal ownership, backed by a support system, this entails a one-to-one personal relationship with a qualified member of Noahs multi-lingual staff, drawn from various nationalities we aim to provide homes to persons from all over Europe. Our support services including assistance and guidance with all legalities.  The client comes first and each one will have a personal dedicated adviser who will help during the initial process of buying a Spanish property, all the way through the various stages of buying and settling in to a new home and environment here on the Costa Blanca.

Our company provides an informative information webpage, to assist clients and prospective buyers in what is a great step, to buy in a foreign country with every assurance guaranteed.

Whether a property is required as an investment, a holiday home, or for residential purposes, Noah & Partners will always be at the service of its clients who come first. Client’s money is safeguarded by being deposited in a secure bank account, until the final title deeds are signed in front of a notary. Just like the sturdy and noble tree that is the company’s logo, Noah & Partners aim is to provide sufficient cover for its clients, to shelter them from the winds of change in today’s property markets throughout Europe and in Spain. 

If you are considering the possibility of buying a property abroad, then LOOK TO NOAH & PARTNERS. Become one of our friends.